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My Aura's Echo  is my most recent film, and my proudest accomplishment yet. It is a documentary-reality short film Written, Produced, and Directed  by me, and beautiful shot and co-edited by my boyfriend and filmmaker co-pilot Graham Burns ( I am also the featured Lead  "character" of the film, as I recount my story of a harrowing time of my recent past, the effects of which are still on-going today.


This is an auto-biographical reflection into my battle with a medical diagnosis I received 11-months ago at the age of 25; I have a rare brain tumor and it's causing me to have severe grand-mal seizures. For my safety and health it was decided that the tumor needed to be surgically removed by way of craniotomy, with the hopes that it could help curb the severity of my seizures, if not make them go away completely. This film is my artistic and cathartic exploration into my feelings regarding this harrowing time, and how it has effected and changed me forever.


The Boyfriend was written and directed by Erin Steinke for an undergrad class as part of her degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Erin and I were close friends in college as we navigated film school together, often collaborating on each other's projects. This is one such project, which I was happy to take part in, despite the role being that of an ill-fated leading lady. 

Erin's thought's on the film:   "I love horror movies- especially over-the-top, cheesy horror movies that are so bad, they're good. This is a tale of true love- even from beyond the grave."

This film is also the proud recipient of "Best Bad Film" from the 2009 Big Freakin' Deal Film Festival, which is student produced and directed every year at CU. 


Staring at the Sun is a film I wrote, directed, and star in as part of my BFA Film Production degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Even in film school I wanted to challenge myself as both director and actor, admiring so many previous successful filmmakers before me who have been able to master these two crafts in front and behind the camera, both of which I am passionate about unequivocally. Like Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Robert Redford, and Ben Affleck before me, I want to be able to pursue both these avocations, equally as successfully and masterfully as the other. This film was my first attempt.  

Staring at the Sun, A Summary:

A heartbroken young girl lives out the days following the demise of her seemingly happy relationship until, finally, the decision is reached to drown her sorrows by drowning herself.

Music by: TV on the Radio

Song: Staring at the Sun

Album: Ok Calculator