Noël Day Bishop

Freelance Creative 


I am a freelance filmmaker with over 300 projects; narratives and documentaries, promos, commercials, web series, and music videos to my credit. I have worked in a variety of roles including Writer, Director, Producer, and Film Festival Director.

I have produced content on large-scale projects with clients including Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, A&E, Vimeo, EMI Music, Ultra Records, Blueman Group, and Walmart, to name a few. (Check the FILMMAKER section to view some of the work I have access to.)

In addition, I've worked on countless independent productions for lower-budget projects. For example, I Associate Produced Three Holes and a Smoking Gun (2015), my first independent feature film which gained distribution after screening at notable film festivals such as SXSW and Cannes.

Additionally, after I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and a rare brain tumor just 2 years after graduating film school, I wrote and directed My Aura's Echo (2013), an autobiographical short based on that arduous journey. (Please see the FILMMAKER tab > SHORT FILMS for the link to watch this film, as well as many others I've made.) 

For the last three years I have been the Director of the New York Short Film Festival, a successful Manhattan-based festival dedicated to short films. This festival has allowed me to continue pursuing my love of Producing and Directing within the Events-space, as well as interact and showcase the work of my fellow filmmakers from all over the world. Find more at


My love for cinema and the art of filmmaking first came from my love for acting, which I've been doing with 14+ years of experience. In addition to my filmmaking degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, I hold a BA in Theatre Performance, and have enjoyed working on both the stage and in films, in the genres of drama, comedy, improv, and performance art. 

Please look in the ACTOR tab for some examples of work I've completed as an actor in film, and my resume for a list of all my performance accomplishments. 


Modeling is one of my newer pursuits, but I've attacked it with my characteristic enthusiasm and devotion. Always one to question unreasonable social-norms,  I'm pursuing the modeling sector of "Plus-Size". With recent successes like the Dove "Real Beauty" campaign, high fashion magazine Vogue Italia  2011 cover featuring three plus-sized models, and super model Ashley Graham being the first plus sized model to grace Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover and center edition 2016 I'm confident this is the future of the industry, and I'm excited to be a part of that change. Please look under the MODEL tab for some examples of work I've done as a model in the past 9 years. 

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