Please scroll below through the various SHORT FILMS I've made as a:


I've included some of my earliest work, which I completed as a BFA film student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, but most of the work below was made in my post-collegiate career as a freelance filmmaker, which I have been doing professionally for 8+ years now. 



See my IMDB page for my work on this film here: The Runner

The Runner is a comedic short directed and co-edited by me, co-written and co-produced by Blair Aubrey and Michelle Michelson, and shot by Graham Burns, whom I co-edited the film with. (See the Vimeo link for the full Cast and Crew list)

Tagline: After indulging in one too many cookies, a lazy girl forces herself to make a change.



ee my IMDB page for my work on this film here: My Aura's Echo

Synopsis: This is an auto-biographical reflection into my battle with a medical diagnosis I received recently at the age of 25; I have a rare brain tumor and it's causing me to have severe grand-mal seizures. For my safety and health it was decided that the tumor needed to be surgically removed by way of craniotomy, with the hopes that it could help curb the severity of my seizures, if not make them go away completely. This film is my artistic and cathartic exploration into my feelings regarding this harrowing time, and how it has effected and changed me forever.

I was honored to be asked to have My Aura's Echo screened and discussed at the 2013 annual World Federation of Neurology this past November, where it was screened to over 6,000 patients, doctors and scientists with a discussion following about work being done to help those with brain tumors, epilepsy and the like. 

Tales from the Hive


Made in association with Coolburns and Co. A glimpse into the lives and stories of the benevolent bee keepers that grace the Jamaica Plain neighborhood in Boston, Mass. Hear their stories and see them in action.




Embers of Hope is the film I made for my Senior Thesis to complete my BFA Film Production degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder back in 2009. It was shot on a Sony DVX 100 camera (note the grainy quality), was made on a shoestring budget and shot in 3 days.

Watching it now, 4 years later, I am still incredibly proud of it. Of course there are things I wish I could change or tweak, but I still think it's a great film with a great story, and all the hard work myself and my cast and crew put into it paid off and I'm still happy with it all these years later.

Without going into too much detail, all of the faucets of the story: the rape of a young woman (and her finding ways and time to heal through it), the lost wallet which was then found and coincidentally returned to it's owner 5 years later, are all based on true events!!

So please take a watch and enjoy some of my early film-school work. Thanks!!

When Life Gives You Lemons: Kickstarter Campaign Video


Directed this video, in association with Coolburns and Co.,  for NYC-based artist Jenn Summer's debut music video When Life Gives You Lemons  fund-raising campaign through the popular website Kickstarter , which promotes crowd-funding for it's carefully curated projects. 

To our delight and excitement, Jenn successfully raised all her funds and was able to get her music video made! (See the completed video in the Music Video section of this website, which I Color Corrected and Edited.)  

Visit Jenn Summers website for more great music and to keep up with this talented artist



Another film-school gem: Ich Bin Weg   (German for "I am Gone") is a film I Directed and was made for a class as part of my BFA Film Production degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  

The assignment for this project was to make a film that strongly conveyed an emotion without using the antics of dialogue or actors (no faces making expressions etc...). After watching the film, we went around the class and had everyone guess what emotion the film was trying to portray, to which I was very successful. Can you guess what mine was? 

Inspired by Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot", the film represents the feeling of isolation and loneliness, and the breakdown and distortion we feel as a result. Shot entirely on 16mm using a Bolex.



Staring at the Sun  is a film in which I was both the Director and Lead Actor  of, and was a film I made for a class as part of my BFA Film Production degree, in conjunction with my BA in Theatre Performance degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  

Staring at the Sun , A Synopsis:

A heartbroken young girl lives out the days following the demise of her seemingly happy relationship until, finally, the decision is reached to drown her sorrows by drowning herself.